Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HAH something fun for everyone.. these halloween glasses are color change.. and great for everyone.. lil details on them add to it..

buy 4 diff pairs or fat pack.. Black, Dark blue, grey, blue

The crop tops come in 8 to chose from same with the criss cross striped tops.. or you can buy there fat pack..

The sleek sexy boots.. come in 6 colors to chose from or you can buy the huge fat pack..

buckled dress is uber cute comes in 8 diff patters to chose from or agian fat pack..

Friday, October 23, 2009

WOOT, Must say im excited to be in sassy city halloween hunt.. It only lasts 6 days.. but there are many goodies out there including two items i have out in the hunt.. So dont miss out and tp down to sassy city now.. OPEN map type 'Dark Tranquility' but without the ' part and hit teleport.. it will take you to the main landing point to start your adventure through the city.. Keep an eye out for the cauldrons for they hold many goodies.. Enjoy and have fun..
STARTS 25th, and ends Midnight HAlloween..

Thursday, October 22, 2009


This post will be a lil longer but will explain what is going on.. PLUSS once this starts many new things will be coming out..

Ok i am going to keep the hippo group for those who cant have a sl group.. HOWEVER.. please read bellow for Something great..

I will be having a sl group aswell.. HOWEVER with a twist.. A few other stores do this to and i thought id do this for my followers..

My sl group will cost a one time fee of 300L after that it wont cost.. The reason for this is the awesome idea a friend told me to try.. Once you are in the group.. U will then get discounts off any new items that come out.. Also on top of getting group discounts you will get more free items then my hippo group.. The hippo group will still get updates and a few free items.. but the items wont be as high quality as the sl group you paid for to get into....

At first teh group discount items will be at entrance of store but as more items come in i will make a seperate room just for group discount.. it will be a smaller room so as it fills the older items will be removed..

Non of the older items in the store today will be in the discount so you will have to buy those at reg price.. but any new items from when this starts and on will be dicounted if i feel they are woth the discount..

EXAMPLE : (i am coming out with some really great boots) The boots will be 300L a piece or for the fat pack 675L... That is reg price.. But if you have the group tag you will get a discount off the boots.. So for a pair it will only cost you 195L saving you 105L, and for the fatpack will cost you 438L u save 236L..

The group discount hasnt started yet i will send a notice about when it will start and give you a full day to join at a discount as well so instead of paying 300 to join you will only have to pay 150 but that discount will only last a day.. so ill give you a heads up before so you dont miss out on the start day..

Hope i explained this well enough.. sorry so long.. ^..^

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

new stuffs

face spiders attaches to chin...

unisex piercings great for halloween

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Jester ears and tails.. they have many color change options.. drop menu for movment and others can play with them..

shoulder pet, spider.. no animation or anything just a simple cute lil ok i lied BIG spider.. lol

Spiffy cauldron, very detailed with resize script..